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Jumbo all rounder is an economy quality white adhesive, specially designed to join paper to paper types of substrates. It is an easy to spread white adhesive with superior bond strength.

Application :

Used to join paper to paper, cardboard, crafts work, particle boards, cartons, and other soft applications.

Method of Use:

  • Clean the substrates to be bonded and make them free from dust and grease.
  • Apply Jumbo on one substrate or on both the substrates as per the condition of substrate.
  • Spread the glue uniformly across the the substrate area either using a brush or an applicator.
  • Put both the substrates together and press them firmly applying a pressure using a clamp or nails or pressure tapes for overnight.
  • Ensure that before tightening the substrates together, there is no air bubble entrapped in the between the layers.
  • Ensure the wooden substrate is not wet. The best results are obtained if the moisture content in the wood is less than 10%.

Technical Data:

  • Appearance : White Viscous Liquid
  • pH : 4 – 6
  • Viscosity : Viscosity : 10- 50 Poise

Safety and Storage Regulations:

  • Keep the adhesive away from the reach of children
  • To prevent inhalation, cover your nose and mouth using a respirator
  • Keep container tightly closed after use

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